How to swim up in GTA 5?

This guide will explain how to swim up in GTA 5. This knowledge is essential because water is a big part of the game. Though swimming looks simple, it’s not too straightforward because of default controls. The default settings are a little bit counter-intuitive. Especially for PC players… Many of the players died underwater because they didn’t know what to do.

When you are above the water you are in the “Swimming” mode. You can press WASD keys to move in different directions. Use the Shift key if you want to increase the speed. Press W+Shift in order to move forward faster.

Now you know how to act above the water. But as you can see from the controls setup, pressing Down or “S” key will not let you dive. This will just turn your character but will not push him underwater.

How to dive down? It is easy, you just need to press Space bar and the character will dive.

Here is where all the fun begins. When you try to return to the surface by pressing Up or Space key nothing happens, you just dive deeper and deeper...

The trick is you need to press Down in order to swim up, and hold Shift in order to make your head appear above the water! This looks a little bit crazy, but that’s how things work. You swim down by pressing Up and vice-versa.

Swimming up in GTA 5

You can also switch to the first-person mode and set the direction with your mouse. This is also a nice solution if you feel uncomfortable with the current key binds.

To summarize everything: when you are on the top of the water you are in one mode. And you use traditional controls to move in different directions. But when you are underwater the mode switches and you need to use special combination keys to swim up and down.