Drunk Mode Cheat in GTA 5 – Full Guide

Drunk Mode is a cheat in GTA 5 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation which activates special game mode. It turns your character into a drunken person after activation. Your screen will be slowly floating from the left to the right, your movement speed will be decreased, you will be falling if you meet obstacles, your aiming will become much more difficult and, of course, you will be driving a car like crazy. Driving a car becomes very fun and difficult. You will most likely kill some citizens and break many traffic rules.

As a result, you will attract police attention pretty fast. The police will try to catch or destroy you and you will most likely need a cheat that can Decrease Wanted Level to remove some wanted stars.

Unlike other cheats that give players useful powers, this cheat doesn’t unlock any useful possibilities and doesn't give any advantages. It’s made just to have some fun, so don't expect it to give you any boost in progress.

Extra information: If you like this cheat you may want to try DrunkIV game modification. It makes the gameplay even more fun. It makes the gameplay and the physics of the character even more realistic.

How to activate?

Drunk Mode can be activated with the following commands:

PC (Computer)
Xbox One / 360
Y, Right, Right, Left, Right, X, B, Left
PlayStation 4 / 3
Triangle, Right, Right, Left, Right, Square, O, Left
Cell Phone

PAY ATTENTION: Activating ANY cheat disables Trophies! Save your game before entering the code and load from that save after you want to continue.