Explosive Melee Attacks / Punches Cheat in GTA 5: Turm Your Fists Into Bombs

Explosive Melee Attacks Cheat is a special command in GTA 5 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation which enables a very fun game mode: when your character fights in melee combat his punches explode and hit targets very hard. Actually, every hit you make leads to an NPC’s death, so it’s a “one-shot” game mode. This makes you crazy melee fighting machine.

This mode doesn’t affect your weapons at all. You still shot as you usually do, without any changes. But when you switch to melee the explosive hits start working.

This cheat has a very nice animation. When you hit an air nothing happens. But when the fist lands the enemy, an explosion happens dealing damage and knocking out the target. After the enemy takes your shot his journey is over…

This mode isn’t too much helpful, mostly it’s made to give the player some fun. If you are tired from playing a traditional game just enable this mode and enjoy some melee combat.

If you want to turn your character into a "Bang Monster" you definitely need to try Explosive Bullets. It will make all your ammo explode and now you can bang targets in both melee and ranged fights.    

How to activate?

Explosive Melee Attacks can be activated with the following commands:

PC (Computer)
Xbox One / 360
Right, Left, A, Y, RB, B, B, B, LT
PlayStation 4 / 3
Right, Left, X, Triangle, R1, O, O, O, L2
Cell Phone

PAY ATTENTION: Activating ANY cheat disables Trophies! Save your game before entering the code and load from that save after you want to continue.