Skyfall Cheat in GTA 5: How to survive?

Skyfall is a cheat for GTA 5 on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation which drops you from the high in the sky and then you start falling down gliding. Some players may think that this is a useless cheat but that’s wrong. This is a pretty fun and easy way to travel around the map. You can reach a far spot very simple moving like this. The key moment here is proper landing.

How to survive after Skyfall? It’s pretty simple. All you need is to land straight on your face or head. That’s funny, but that’s the truth. If you land like this you will take only about 20% of damage and you will be able to continue playing the game. If you land on your stomach or on another part of your body, you will die.

So you don’t need to search for deep water in order to land. All you need is to start aiming right down and smash your character’s head.

The other way to stay alive is to find a building that isn’t tall and bump into it with your head. You will also take small damage plus fall damage. But you will stay alive.

It’s also a good idea to use Invincibility Cheat to stay alive. It enables “God Mode”, blocks all types of damage and you will not be killed upon landing. In this case, you can land on any part of your body. The good thing is you can disable the God Mode right after you land if you don’t want to play with full invincibility.

How to activate?

Skyfall can be activated with the following commands:

PC (Computer)
Xbox One / 360
PlayStation 4 / 3
Cell Phone

PAY ATTENTION: Activating ANY cheat disables Trophies! Save your game before entering the code and load from that save after you want to continue.