GTA 6 Map: All the information

This page contains all the information about the Map in GTA 6. Right now we don't have any official information from the developers. What we know is that the game is going to be huge. Keeping in mind that Rockstar Games is going to put a lot of money in Grand Theft Auto 6 we can assume that they will make a lot of territories available for exploration.

Moreover, the traditional vehicle types in the game are helicopters and airplanes, so there must be enough space for these vehicles to fly.

If you try to find the information about the game setting, you may find a rumor telling that there may be several big cities in the game. If this is the truth we will see a very large map in Grand Theft Auto VI. Imagine the cities divided with a huge piece of empty territory. This empty area may become a place where interesting objects are located…

But in our opinion, the map size isn’t the main thing in the game. The available territory can be very huge but empty. What really important is how interesting the surrounding world is. In GTA 5 there is a lot of empty space and very often this space isn’t too interesting to explore. The main things happen in the city area. We hope developers will change this in GTA 6 and will make the empty space a little bit more interesting.


In 2019 there was a leak telling that the map in GTA 6 will have 8 large cities including Los Santos, Liberty City, Vice City, San Fierro, Las Venturas and so on. After the leak, people started to say that this information is a lie. But today this rumor looks very realistic.

Not so long ago there was news about Rockstar Game taxes. The report said that according to tax claims the budget of the Grand Theft Auto 6 is most likely very huge, much bigger than they have spent on GTA games before. Let’s ask a simple question: why the developers have to spend so much money? The answer may be simple: they want to make the game huge! It requires a lot of work to build a large world with multiple cities. The larger the territory is, the more difficult it is to build the game.

We don’t say that the map shown on the picture above is 100% real. No, this is most likely a fake. But the fact that there may be a lot of cities in the game looks true after the information GTA VI estimated budget.